Janssen Pallettrucks has more than 20 years of specialist experience in the handling of materials. We have a suitable solution available for all of your internal goods manipulation needs. Simply tell us what you wish and we will advise you on exactly what you need.

With stock on hand of more than 200 new and demo trucks we always have the truck available that you are looking for.


All products (stackers - forklifts - reach trucks) available in the range of JANSSEN PALLETTRUCKS can be purchased through financial leasing, which allows you to buy the machine and pay for it in several instalments (3 to 60 months). At the start of the term you immediately become the beneficial owner of the machine (= on your balance sheet), which means that you also can depreciate it against tax. Leasing is available at JANSSEN PALLETTRUCKS for new and used machines.

The main advantage of leasing is that your liquidity position remains intact for your core business operations. At the end of the term you obtain full ownership of the machine by paying a symbolic amount.

The benefits of financial leasing:

  • 100% financing available
  • interest is tax deductible
  • fixed monthly payments, which makes it easy to budget
  • It is therefore possible to depreciate the machine on your balance sheet and to record it as an investment expense
  • existing credit lines remain unaffected
  • only the financed object serves as cover for financing
  • the investment does not have an effect on your liquidity position
  • no budget constraints
  • no arrangement fees

For more information and a quotation without any obligation, please contact us at +31 (0)6 50281806 or +31 (0)24 6490122 or send us an e-mail.